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SOCIHACKS Volunteer Patricia Lynn-Strickland

Patricia Lynn-Strickland

Managing Director of Studio V 4 Arts

Website: Studio V 4 Arts

What do you get when you mix a bunch of young post-millennials, some baby boomers, and a couple of millennials with a goal and a deadline? You get a lot of creative action and a darned good product! I loved being part of the STEAM leadership program!

I enjoyed my experience with SOCIHACKS! They offer a great learning environment that offers tremendous amounts of knowledge in a variety of subjects. I am thrilled to support and be a part of the STEAM movement!

SOCIHACKS Volunteer Luke Butcher

Luke Butcher

Owner of Butcher Snaps Media

Website: Butcher Snaps Media

SOCIHACKS Volunteer Jill Shaffer

Jill Shaffer

Ventura County Executive Nonprofit Leader 

I had the privilege of volunteering for one of Ventura County’s very first SOCIHACKS hackathons held at California State University Channel Islands and it literally changed my life. The room was filled with excitement and energy “stemming” from young girls eager to learn in a completely unique forum which was primed perfectly to capture their passion for science and technology. This program was an incredible alignment with national priorities of STEM programming all wrapped up into one deeply engaging day of learning.

I am a commercial photographer blessed to have the opportunity to photograph weddings, special events, and family portraits. From time to time I dive in the creation of my own fine art. My portrait studio is located in Ojai where we offer head shots, portraits and newborn photography.

I was fortunate to be asked to volunteer for the CSUCI/Verizon Inspire Her Mind Event. This event was truly inspirational for the young ladies that attended. As the day unfolded their excitement to create a web page and interact with each other was magical to witness. This event allowed for these young minds to explore a new path to excellence in exciting thriving careers offered at CSUCI. I look forward to participating in future events.

SOCIHACKS Volunteer Frankie Certain

Frankie Certain

Owner of AMC Photography

Website: AMC Photography

SOCIHACKS Volunteer Navarre Sisler

Navarre Sisler

Owner of Hole In The Fence Productions

Website: Hole In The Fence Productions

STEM is a great opportunity for all members of the community to come together and provide our youth with the tools to not only better themselves but our environment as well! I'm so excited to be a part of this fantastic event!

Had a blast at a SOCIHACKS hackathon? Let us know!

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