Critical Thinking & Listening Skills

Youth are confronted daily with situations where they must exercise their best judgments and react to the world around them. The ability of youth to think and listen critically allows them to not believe everything they hear and ask questions, think through how their decisions impact themselves and others and motivates them to try to understand other people and community issues that surround them.

Teamwork & Project Collaboration Skills

Through teamwork development activities, youth learn the benefits of collaboration when to reaching a goal which also builds stronger communication skills and boosts their confidence. Strong teamwork skills allow youth to better interact and communicate with others, better understand goals and prioritize tasks and also be more respectful, reliant and effective project managers.


Digital Media & Technology Literacy Skills

Young people must gain experience and confidence in working with others on a team through the development of web and multimedia platforms. This can impact not only their relationships growing up but can also impact their future career success in a world where technology literacy and being able to connect in the digital world is the new way employees work.

Public Speaking & Communication Skills

Hackathons bring children out of their comfort zone and allows them to freely communicate with peers and present their ideas and opinions to the world.


Youth are given the opportunity to speak in public forums where hackathons become an open forum for breaking down the walls that children build around themselves out of fear of failure and ridicule.

Civic Engagement & Social Responsibilty

SOCIHACKS™ hackathons allow youth to grow and expand their visions of the world. In order to have order and a sense of peace within communities, there has to be respect and understanding for what makes everyone different.
Hackathons explore the differences between community members and teach youth to be socially responsible and include others to positively impact their communities.

Individual Creativity & Self Expression

Hackathons become a safe place where youth can be creative and express themselves fully in an environment without judgement.
By working with role models, youth are exposed to an older person’s unique and creative perspective on the world. This creates an atmosphere where all ideas are welcomed and new ways of thinking are encouraged and respected.

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