How does a SOCIHACKS™ hackathon work?

1. Join A Team and Collaborate

Hackathons teach youth how to work together to reach goals, build stronger communication skills and boosts confidence to comfortably communicate, work with other people and successfully complete a task to its very end.

2. Focus on a Community Problem

Hackathons allow youth to learn about community and social problems. In order to have order and a sense of peace within communities, there has to be a full respect and understanding for what makes everyone different.

3. Use Technology to Raise Awareness

Youth are already active in using new web technologies to communicate; however, they may not be aware of it's full benefits. Digital Media and technology skills are the cornerstones to success in building up youth's lives as they build up their communities.

4. Share Your Ideas and Present

Hackathons bring children out of their comfort zone where they are given opportunities to speak in public forums and share their team's solutions to social and community problems through presentations in person and through web technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a SOCIHACKS™ hackathon?

Hackathon is a term that combines both “hack” and “marathon” into a word that is synonymous with exploratory learning and a concentrated task. A typical adult hackathon is where web and mobile app developers and designers come together to learn, build, and share their creations over the course of a few days.


SOCIHACKS™, “Social Hackathons”, are setup as day-only events where within 5-6 hours youth work in groups to learn new technologies and high levels of concentration to find social issues that impact their communities and present their ideas to peers, loved ones and community members and leaders. See what a typical SOCIHACKS™ event provides youth.

What do youth learn at hackathons?

Using numerous e-learning approaches and applications, children explore social issues that impact the world in which they live, work in teams to solve these issues and build awareness campaigns to educate others using technology, digital media, written and oral presentation skills.


Through these hands-on edTech events, participants explore career paths in science, engineering, technology, art and math; they learn to communicate, collaborate, think critically and creatively to develop 21st century global economy skills. Learn more about the six core fundamentals that every child experiences at a SOCIHACKS™ event.

What ages of youth are allowed to participate?

SOCIHACKS™ hckathons are open to all students (ages K-12) at all levels of technological skills, and we encourage a wide variety of students to attend. All of our hackathons are collaborative, rather than competitive, and students spend the event helping each other and sharing their knowledge.


We always need college students as well as older high school students willing to volunteer and act as role models to support younger youth participants. If you would like to volunteer, please feel free to contact us and let us know how you would like to get involved!

Are your hackathons all-inclusive?

SOCIHACKS™ provides an environment that embraces new ideas and technology solutions where youth of all backgrounds and ethnicity are in a safe place without fear of failure, ridicule or bias.


Because our hackathons focus on civic-minded and community-based problems, youth are able to connect with peers and receive hands-on support from older role models in an all-inclusive environment while raising community awareness about social problems.

What is the cost for youth to participate?

SOCIHACKS™ partners with liked-minded businesses, nonprofits, civic organizations and fundraisers to offer our curriculum at no cost to youth or their families and the volunteers that dedicate their time to support the event.


If you know of a company, organization or individual that may be interested in sponsoring an event, please have them contact us and let us know how they would like to get involved in our next event!

How can I bring a SOCIHACKS™ hackathon to the youth at my organization or school?

SOCIHACKS™ would love to bring an event to your kids! Please contact us so we can setup a time to connect and develop a digital media and technology curriculum that best meets the needs of your youth.

How can my business or organization get involved?

SOCIHACKS™ partners with liked-minded businesses, nonprofits, civic organizations and fundraisers to offer our curriculum at no cost area youth and their families and the volunteers that dedicate their time to support community focused events.


If you personally, your company or organization are interested in sponsoring upcoming events, please contact us to learn more about current sponsorship opportunities available and how your company can benefit as a social business supporting the future employees and leaders of your community.

How do I learn more about your events?

We post all of our upcoming events on the main page of our website. If you’d like to learn more about our past events, please visit our individual events pages.

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