How do youth benefit?

Using numerous e-learning approaches and applications, children explore social issues that impact the world in which they live, work in teams to solve these issues and build awareness campaigns to educate others using technology, digital media, written and oral presentation skills.


Through these hands-on edTech events, participants explore career paths in science, engineering, technology, art and math; they learn to communicate, collaborate, think critically and creatively to develop 21st century global economy skills. Learn more about the six core fundamentals that every child experiences at a SOCIHACKS™ event.

How do parents benefit?

A child’s social confidence is built by being a part of group activities. Hackathons become an open forum for breaking down the walls that children build around themselves out of fear of failure.


When a child discovers that they have the ability to confidently join with others, their opportunities to make friends, build sturdy relationships and explore other talents is increased. As answers are found to help the community, children will also be finding the answers that will also help themselves. Everyone is on an equal playing field working together.

How do educators benefit?

In a time when technology has made it easy to become anti-social, SOCIHACKS™ hackathons are a way to use technology to become more involved. Children and young adults get to use the technology they love the most to interact in person with others and solve problems together.


Being able to work effectively on a team is a skill that opens many doors. Teamwork is essential when being successful in the classroom, playing sports, working in the arts, in the workforce and leading a team or business. Children will be shaping the future with the tools of the future.

How do communities benefit?

Although SOCIHACKS™ concentrates on a child’s own community, our ultimate mission is to have children grow and expand their vision to the world through the use of technology.


In a world that is forever changing and presenting challenges for the underserved members of our society, solutions need to come fast and strong. In order to have order and a sense of peace within communities, there has to be a full respect and understanding for what makes everyone different.

How does society benefit?

During hackathons, children use modern technology to build websites, research, create apps and use the video/visual arts to recognize and solve real world issues.


As peers share ideas between each other, a better understanding of the world and its differences will come to light exposing children to what is outside of their own communities. Currently, social media and technology are used to communicate. Now media technology will be used to understand it.

How do companies benefit?

SOCIHACKS™ develops a child’s critical thinking skills by presenting them problems that at first may seem insurmountable; however, through in-depth reasoning and teamwork are solvable. When youth use their abilities to research and work collaboratively to solve problems, they enter the workforce with a higher level of success.


These soft skills such as reasoning, leadership, problem-solving research and being able to work in groups are core qualities that all employers seek in top potential candidates for hire.

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